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Monday, 25 July 2011

A LIVELY SURVEY INDEED! (almost 200 completed in first 48 hrs.)

Wow!!! We just heard from our survey coordinators and 191 people have completed the survey in the first 48 hours of it going live.

I suppose it proves one of our initial suspicions: ie. that genealogists are among the most active internet users out there.

We have just initiated our publicity campaign with "old fashioned" media such as posters and fliers and a press release to newspapers, and already we are scheduled for a few interviews.

We think that we have a well designed survey that we look forward to sharing with all of you as soon as we sort out how to access all your responses

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  1. This is asinine! I had a cogent post ready to send, tried to figure out that meaningless drop-down box and lost it all!

    These items have to be made for the person with average computer literacy.

    I'll try again...