There are lots of blogs out there to help you learn how to do family history research. This blog lets you watch our progress as we roll the Canadian Genealogy Survey out across the country. We'll also track developments in research on family history. It's a bit of a twist, but we hope you'll find something of interest. We welcome your comments.

If you haven't taken the survey yet, you can find it at:

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Canadian Genealogy Survey Goes Live!

Current estimates suggest that between 20% and 25% of Canadians are actively engaged in family history/genealogy research. We are academics and family historians who want to know more about this. We've created an online survey so you can tell us about your family history research. The survey takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. You can find it at:

As the results come in we'll post updates here. Follow us and see what other family historians are saying!


  1. The survey is a great idea! Looking forward to some interesting results.

    All the best with this project.

    Dave Mitchell
    Cape Town
    South Africa

  2. I had no problem with the survey. I too am looking forward to your results.

  3. Leighann Neilson25 July 2011 at 10:58

    Thanks, Dave and Jamie, for your comments and for taking the survey! We're just getting started but hope to have some results to share within the next couple of months.

  4. This a wonderful initiative!
    Now that the surveyors know how little I know about doing family genealogy, will they be able to guide the naive beginner toward the first few steps up the ladder?

    As well the process of posting a comment needs to be simplified. I had a cogent well-thought out comment to post but lost it trying to figure out the little drop-down box.

    Irwin Judson
    Stratford PE

  5. I had no problems taking the survey and I look forward to the results.