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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What do you plan to do with your research?

Thanks to all the OGS, Ottawa Branch members who shared their ideas with me last Saturday. And thanks to Mike, Heather and Tania for inviting me!

One of the questions we asked in the Canadian Genealogy Survey was what people planned to do with their family history research. Here's what they said (note that the numbers add up to more than 100% because we invited people to contribute more than one response):

  • 79% plan to pass it on to their children
  • 57% plan to publish it in some format (book, website) available to family members only
  • 29% plan to share it online
  • 26% plan to publish a book that would be available to all

What was really interesting was that when people had the opportunity to write in a response in the 'other' box, the plan most frequently mentioned was to donate their family history to a local history or genealogy society. And, these results were the same regardless of whether the person completing the survey was a member of a genealogy society or not. 

What do you plan to do with your family history research?

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  1. 79% is around the percent of adults who have children, so practically every family historian who has kids plans to pass their research on.