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Saturday, 26 November 2011



A bit of publicity associated with taking down the survey produced remarkable results. We are approaching about 2400 completed surveys. That is an astounding figure, particularly with such an extensive a series of questions. We now feel we have a reasonable sample of the Canadian genealogical community. A quick survey seems to point to distribution from across the country, with a healthy number of people from outside the country who are interested in Canadian lines.
What surprised and delighted us was the surge of completions accompanying the final push. There have been a few hundred completions in the closing days of the survey. I suppose it has something to say about the power of procrastination, but we want to thank everyone for taking the trouble to complete the survey.
A special vote of thanks to our blogging friends for so many kind boosts along the way, but particcularly this past week or so. They posted or reposted announcements urging their readers to complete the survey. John Reid, Dick Eastman, Elizabeth Lapoint and Lorine at Olivetree, along with others, have all been kind. The results have been astounding; over a thousand visits to the blog this week; and it looks like over two hundred new complete surveys as a result of that boost.
So thanks again; and we look forward to sharing the results soon. It will take a couple of weeks to "Clean" the data and prepare a statistical file, but we will be posting findings soon after that.

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